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Column Organization Prefix Given Name Last Name Suffix Non-White Photo Article Type
1 Bank of Huntingdon Advertisements
1 City Drug Co Advertisements
1 G T Sory Advertisements
1 Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company Advertisements
3 Huntingdon High School News
3 P T A News
3 Robert Murray News
3 Miss Cora Livington Personals
3 Carter and Co Advertisements
3 S J Millard Advertisements
3 Jolly Lumber Co Advertisements
3 Radfords Fish Mkt Advertisements
4 Baptist W M S News
4 Mrs T H Farrar News
4 Mrs G C Kee News
4 Mrs C F Maddox News
4 Mrs Lorene Demoss News
4 Mrs Jewell Laster News
4 Mrs Euna Smith News
4 Miss Gertie Dilday News
4 Mrs John Gatewood News
4 Mrs Emma Smith News
4 Mrs Bob Laster News
4 Mrs Emma Smith News
5 Mrs G L Kee News
5 Mr Odell Wyatt Birth Announcements
5 Mrs Odell Wyatt Birth Announcements
5 Robert Odell Wyatt II Birth Announcements
5 Mr J M Burns Personals
5 Mrs J M Burns Personals
5 Burns Store Personals
5 Mrs Gordon Mitchell Personals
5 Mr Gordon Mitchell Personals
5 E H Francisco Public Notices
5 Neill Wright Public Notices
5 K F Martin Public Notices
6 T L Campbell Gen Mdse Advertisements

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