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Column Organization Prefix Given Name Last Name Suffix Non-White Photo Article Type
1 Marshall M Darnall Public Notices
1 Veterans Service Station Advertisements
1 James Rice Advertisements
1 Charles Pickard Advertisements
1 Barrows Advertisements
1 John W Barrow Advertisements
3 Autherian Easley Public Notices
3 L W Morgan Public Notices
3 Honorable J Ross McKinney Public Notices
3 William B Williams Public Notices
3 Mrs Mamie Claire Williams Public Notices
3 R M Murray Public Notices
3 Mr David Eskew Personals
3 Mrs David Eskew Personals
3 Mr T C Chandler Personals
3 Mrs T C Chandler Personals
3 Mr James Eskew Personals
3 Mrs James Eskew Personals
3 Dewayne Dill Personals
3 Opal Dill Personals
3 Inez Dill Personals
3 Mrs Hassie Dill Personals
3 Mr Del Dill Personals
3 Mrs Sam Haywood Personals
3 Mr Hugo Sellers Personals
3 Mrs Hugo Sellers Personals
3 Mrs Pearlie Sellers Personals
3 Inez Sellers Personals
3 Mr Fill Black Personals
3 Mrs Fill Black Personals
3 Mr Newt Dill Personals
3 Mrs Newt Dill Personals
3 Court Theatre Advertisements
4 Miss Louise Yarbor Personals
4 Doris Evans Personals
4 Mr Elbert Martin Personals
4 Mrs Elbert Martin Personals
4 Blenda Martin Personals
4 Mr Will Martin Personals
4 Mrs Will Martin Personals
4 Mr L A Green Personals
4 Mrs L A Green Personals
4 Mr Jake Hurt Personals
4 Mrs Jake Hurt Personals
4 Billy Hurt Personals
4 Mr Clarence Marshall Birth Announcements
4 Mrs Clarence Marshall Birth Announcements
4 Thomas Nelson Marshall Birth Announcements
4 Decatur County Lime Co Advertisements
4 Gordon J Wilder true Advertisements
5 Mr W W Harber Personals
5 Vernon Murphy Personals
5 Mr Bill McGinis Personals
5 Mrs Bill McGinis Personals
5 Mr George McGinis Personals
5 Mrs George McGinis Personals
5 Mr Wayne Moore Personals
5 Mrs Wayne Moore Personals
5 Mr Wayne Byars Personals
5 Mrs Wayne Byars Personals
5 Hugh Pinson Personals
6 L A Pinson Personals
6 Mr Roy Byars Personals
6 Mrs Roy Byars Personals
6 Joyce Anne Byars Personals
6 Huntingdon Dry Cleaners Advertisements
6 Conyers Brothers Advertisements
7 Miss Annie Maude Williams Personals
7 Memphis State College Personals
7 Mrs Roy W Jones Personals
7 Mr H F Highfill Personals
7 Mrs H F Highfill Personals

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