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ColumnOrganization PrefixGiven NameLast NameSuffixNon-WhitePhotoArticle Type
1RevJ E NafffalsefalseNews
1Z TGodwinfalsefalseNews
1RevJ MPhillipsD DfalsefalseNews
1ProfW TRussellfalsefalseNews
1RevA SDoakfalsefalseNews
1John RMoserfalsefalseNews
1Fox Greer and ChumleafalsefalseAdvertisements
1DrW FKingfalsefalseAdvertisements
1C RYoeMDfalsefalseAdvertisements
1DrJ NEllisfalsefalseAdvertisements
1W HGodwinNews
1R LWatkinsNews
1J WZirkieNews
1A SDoakNews
1C ECoileNews

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the first column has a couple directories - do I need to list all the names - I all ready did the church ones.
When a name has an ampersand - like Jones & Co. - I know not to use the ampersand but do I need to use the word "and" or just leave it out?

TN Genealogy Indexing Project

No need to list the directory names.
For business names, yes, leave the ampersand out. Index it ask "Jones Co" in the Organization column. You'd then leave the name fields blank.