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Primary County: Davidson

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Purpose / Short Description: Invoice for costs involved to hang 3 men

Text of Petition: 8-1-1803-1
The State of Tennessee D's To Jno Boyd
Shff Davidson County
June 25th To Erecting a Gallos in the South
feild - 2=50
Ditto To Hanging of Charles
Powell and Michael West each
five pound North Carolina Currency
equal to in Dollars 12 1/2 each - 25=0
To Cash paid Deaderick A
Tatom for Ropes to hang them
with- 50 Cents - 0=50
To Cash paid Archibald McRyn
nalds for makeing of two Coffins 6=00
Ditto paid to Nigracs for
Diging of Graves - 1=00
1803 June 15 To Hanging of John Valentine - 12=50
To Cash paid George Burnett for
Makeing Coffin - 3=00
Ditto To Cash paid for Diging a
Grave - 0-75
To sending a Waggon & two
Horses & a Boy two days for
the purpose of halling of the
prisinors to the Gallos- 3=50

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Notes and Questions

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Lucio Alvarez

Gallos = Gallows, halling = hauling?

Billie McNamara

Hi, Lucio! You did a great job on this one. Yes, you interpreted those words correctly. Early English, especially in the Southern U. S., was inconsistent. Even those of us who have years of familiarity sometimes stumble over words.