Status: Needs Review

Primary County: Washington

Date Filed (format: YYYY/MM/DD):

Petitioner(s): William King

Purpose / Short Description: To declare the Holston River a state highway

Text of Petition: 21-1-1803-1
To the Honorable the Senators and Representatives
of the State of Tennessee in General Assembly Met;
The Petition of William King an inhabitant of Wash-
ington County Virginia Humbly Showeth,
That your petitioner having at great Risque and Vast
expence constructed extensive Salt works within one mile of
the North fork of Holstein River whereby he is enabled to make
a considerable quantity of Salt over the Present Demand &
that if Sale of the whole could be annually effected it would
justify its being sold on lower terms than it now could with-
out embarrassment to the manufactures or manufacturers
And as this desirable period would sooner arrive was the River
of your State Rendered accessible by water from the Salt Works, and
more easy of Passage: Particularly, if the North fork of Holstein
was made navigable by erecting a Lock at the Dam of
of David Ross esqe. on said River (near its junction with main
Holstein) and declaring the residue of Said River which is with-
-in your State a High way; This when done would enable
transportation of Salt; to supply all parts of your State con
venient to the Rivers Holstein, Tennessee &c. in a Short time
on lower terms than can now or at any future day be afford-
-ed from the Holstein Salt Works without a free Na-
-vigation of the North fork of Holstein River.

Your petitioner therefore prays that your honorable
Body may enact a law for preventing any further ob
obstructions by Dams or otherwise on the North fork of
Holstein in the State of Tennessee also that the propri-
- etors of the present Dam should as speedily as your honors
may think Proper erect or cause to be erected a good and
safe lock on said Dam sufficient to admit the passage
of loaded Boats from ten to thirty Tons Burthen say 75,
or 80 by 15 feet with a free Passage to Boats at all
times through said lock and in case of omission in
erecting the said lock in such time as your honors

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