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Primary County: Cannon

Date Filed (format: YYYY/MM/DD): 1803/01/30

Petitioner(s): Jas Hamilton

Purpose / Short Description: Petition to enable building a damn across the Stones River

Text of Petition (drag lower right corner to enlarge box): To the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee granting to the [illegible] by an ac of the assembly of this state the navigation of stones river is to be kept open as high as the forks and as your petitioner has a Desier to build a mill on the above river he humbly prays your hounorable [?] to pass a Law that will give him the privelidge of building a dam across the said river it is well known that it is with Difficulty that even small Canoes without burden pas it for the most of the year and as good streames for Hills in very [?] in this Country and as I Conseve that Hills on the above river will be a greater product Good

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