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Date Filed (format: YYYY/MM/DD): 34-1-1803-1


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Text of Petition (drag lower right corner to enlarge box): To the honorable the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee
The prayer of your petitioners humbly sheath
That the laws now in force against gambling so far as they affect horse running are in our opinions opposed to the interest of the people of the State, as they discourage racing of good horses the article most advantageous for us to carry to market, and w do believe the attention of people throughout the State to the nurture of well beloved horses to have degenerated ever since laws have been passed against horse racing your petitioners further state that since the abolition of legal horse racing numbers of men have gambled away their property and often would take refuge under the present laws, brought suits against the {illegible} and recovered both in lieu of sd properties your petitioners further state that we deem it on enjoyment of our natural privileges without any benefits derived thereupon to the community and think all such laws offensive and unnecessary but your petitioners for the above and innumerable other reasons hope & Believe that your honorable body are attentive to laws heretofore passed against [illegible] and make after the same in future & your Petitioners will ever pray &c

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