Status: Needs Review

Primary County: Davidson

Date Filed (format: YYYY/MM/DD):

Petitioner(s): Citizens of Davidson County

Purpose / Short Description:

Text of Petition: 65-1803-3
??? the honourable, the General Assembly of the State
???? The Petition of a number of Citizens of Davidson &
??????? ^County humble sheweth, that the ????? intent of said County render it
???? for your petitioners, to attend Court, General Musters, Elias
????? of Masheille, & Franklin and there being a sufficiency ?
??????able to the Constitution, to form a New County, within ?????
?????after to be described, & leaving a Constitutional quanty, within
????? the Old County. We your Petitioners therefore pray ???
????? situation into Consideration, & grant us a New County
???? following bounds Viz: begining at the top of the ridge
??? Waters of Slo??? river & Mill Creek, in the Williamson
???? & run Southwardly, with the sd ridge so as to leave all the
???ill ???? & Harpeth in Williamson County untill the ridge

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Lucio Alvarez

sd = said