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Appellant Appellee Number Index Type
Williams & Hawkins Gulf & Interstate Ry. Co. of Texas, et al 4684 Direct
Wilhelm, Herman Julius, Bauman 4697 Direct
Witt, J. H. D. R. Byrum 4732 Direct
Williams H. G. W. M. Kuykendall 4763 Direct
Wilkerson, Jas. N. et al Mrs. Adda Ward, 4799 Direct
Whitaker W. F. et al F. B. Brooks et al 4810 Direct
Wilbern A. H. et al J. C. Cone et al 4914 Direct
Williams E. R. S. R. Allen et al 4961 Direct
Whitaker, J. J. R. B. Nillis et al 5005 Direct
Wilson, J. L, Guardian G. H. Brown 5057 Direct
Williams Lula Jas J. Neill et al 5069 Direct
Williams, H. G. W. W. Kuykendall 5076 Direct
Witherspoon, C. L. et al W. H. Statey et al 5101 Direct
White J. F. Robt. Johnson & Rand Shoe Co. et al 5113 Direct
Witt, E. E. et al E. M. Wilson 5173 Direct
Wilson, Charles G. W. Burch et al 5228 Direct
Williams, Jno. C. et al Mrs. Lula B. McComb et al 5241 Direct
Witherspoon C. L. et al H. B. Daviss et al 5354 Direct
Williams R. L. J. W. [Crouaus] Drug Co. 5359 Direct
Wickizer, I. C. John Williams 5376 Direct
Witt. Edgar, E. Trustee E. Nelson et al 5378 Direct
Wright, Geo. et al Grand Lodge K. of [P]. et al 5389 Direct
Winn, C. E. et al A. D. Dyess Co. Atty et al 5397 Direct
Wilkerson, A. E. et al Stasny & Holub 5578 Direct
White Rock Gravel & Sand Co. I. & G. N. Ry. Co. 5615 Direct
Williams, Geo M. M. King 5807 Direct
Wise. A. J. et al J. D. Johnson 5828 Direct
Wilie C. L. W. B. Hays et al 5933 Direct
Wilson J. M. City of Belton 5962 Direct
Winston W. H. et al Ind. School Dist. of Evant Texas 5977 Direct
Williams T. M. E. P. Sweatt 6006 Direct
Wilson Mrs. Lula B. Mrs. Annie N. Beaty 6026 Direct
Aetna Life Ins. Co of Hartford Wimberly, Lillie M. 4116 Reverse
Orient Ins. Co. Wingfield, A. J. 4143 Reverse
Chas. Wolf Willingham, A. P. 4150 Reverse
H. F. Salyer et al Wilcox, C. [H]. Co. Judge 4155 Reverse
St. L. S. [W.] Ry. Co. Wilhelm, Johanna C. 4196 Reverse
Texas Central R. R. Whitney, Henry by Next Fr. 4201 Reverse
H. & T C R R Co White & Baskin 4202 Reverse
J. W. Wright Wright Alda 4235 Reverse
M. K. & T. Ry. Co. of Tex. [Missouri Kansas & Texas Railway Company of Texas] Williams H. G. 4239 Reverse
A. E. Cunes Wimberly Mack 4281 Reverse
Fred C. Vow Rosenberg [Wickes], Hiram G. 4284 Reverse
I. an G. N. R. R. Co. [International & Great Northern Rail Road Company] White, Mrs. Annie M. et al 4421 Reverse
Ft. Worth & Rio Grande Ry. Co. Winaham, R. W. 4425 Reverse
H. & J. C. R. R. Co. White and Baskin 4443 Reverse
Stout & Hagler Williams [T.] 4473 Reverse
Battle & McKinney White, Julia J. 4497 Reverse
M. K. & T. Ry. Co. of Tex. [Missouri Kansas & Texas Railway Company of Texas] Whitfield, R. F. 4516 Reverse
William [Dornhorfer] Witte, A., et al 4581 Reverse
Joe Toland Williams & Wylie 4616 Reverse
J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co Wright Hardware Co. 4625 Reverse
Ft. W & Rio G'du Ry Co. Windham, R. W. 4626 Reverse
I. & G. N. R. R. Co., et al [International & Great Northern Rail Road Company] Williams, H. G. 4635 Reverse
Estey & Camp, et al Williams G. H. 4705 Reverse
W. U. Tel Co. [Western Union Telegraph Company] Williams J. P, 4770 Reverse
J. Homer Gaddy et al Witte, J H et al 4786 Reverse
L. W. Manire Wilkison R. E. et al 4809 Reverse
J. V. Nelson Winters State Bank et al 4829 Reverse
Ft. W. and R. G. R. R. Co. Whiteside, E. A. 4894 Reverse
W. A. Griffin Williams, J. A. 4927 Reverse
A. G. Wall Wilson, Mrs Adelle 4969 Reverse
J. J. Whitaker Willis, R. B. et al 5005 Reverse
City of Llano Willbern A. H., et al 5139 Reverse

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