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Appellant Appellee Number Index Type
Witt E. L. & Sons Knight [&] Stith 6077 Direct
Whitesides Margaret et al N. Wood et al 6131 Direct
Wieduer John Louisa Wisduer 6300 Direct
Winniford J. L. Tim Holloman 6310 Direct
Wilkerson W. A. Mrs. Mollie O. Garrett et al 6319 Direct
Wilson Virgie Bell W. J. Wilson 6345 Direct
Wieser H. M. W. W. Oats 6363 Direct
Williams Lizzie E et al Henry Simon 6385 Direct
Wieser J. F. & Co Grauger Mercantile Co 6398 Direct
Wilie C. L. W. B. Hays et al 6580 Direct
Whittington T. P. Cameron Compress Co. 6660 Direct
Willig H. G. C. and S. F. Ry. Co. [Gulf Colorado & Santa Fe Railway Company] 6667 Direct
Wilkerson W. A. et al Maud Davis et al 6736 Direct
Wilkerson W. A. et al Maud Davis et al 6759 Direct
E. E. Witt, et al Wilson, E. M. 5173 Reverse
I. and G. N. R. R. Co. [International & Great Northern Rail Road Company] Williams, T. M 5189 Reverse
Geo. M. Dilley & Son Wise and Hervey 5240 Reverse
Houston Bel[t] and Terminal Ry. Co. Winerich, C. H. 5244 Reverse
G. P. Reeves White, G. F. 5245 Reverse
W. K. and T. Ry. Co. Tex Withers H. C. 5338 Reverse
J. A. Stewar[t] Williams, Curley et ux 5370 Reverse
T. C. Wickizer Williams, John 5376 Reverse
St. L. S. W. Ry. Co. of Tex. Williams, Joe E. 5390 Reverse
J. A. Stanford Willie, Carpenter and McClellaud 5493 Reverse
S. H. Tel. and Tel Co. Wilkins W. B. et al 5526 Reverse
Brazoria Valley Tel & Tel Co. et al Wilson, Will 5552 Reverse
Jesse F. Cross et al Wilkinson, Ed et al 5570 Reverse
Southern Traction Co. Wilson, J. A. 5603 Reverse
Southern Union Life Ins. Co. White Mrs. Mayme Louise 5625 Reverse
T. N. Marse & Co. White, J. T. [strikethrough: W. & Co.] et al 5641 Reverse
Mrs Nettie B. Duncan Willingham, J. D. 5675 Reverse
Phoenix Construction Co. Witt and Saunders 5683 Reverse
W. O. Evans Williams, Lizzie E. et al 5688 Reverse
A. P. Moldridge et al Widerstrom Co. et al 5720 Reverse
D. A. Paddleford et al Wilkinson, Cm 5778 Reverse
Jas. A. Baker Wiliams, Harrison 5802 Reverse
L. N. Barker et al Wilson, A. B. Co. Atty 5818 Reverse
L. N. Barker et al Wilson A. B. Co Atty et al 5896 Reverse
Exp. & Tdrs. Comp & Wrh Co Wills W. F. et al 5948 Reverse
G. C. and S. F. Ry. Co. [Gulf Colorado & Santa Fe Railway Company] Whitefield Ruby 5966 Reverse
J. M. Pate Wilson Bros Mercantile Co 5975 Reverse
W. M. Puckett Wilson Bros Mercantile Co 5981 Reverse
T. D. Ho[u]ey Wilson Bros Mer. Co. [Wilson Bros Mercantile Co] 5999 Reverse
State of Texas Willis Overland Sue 6022 Reverse
C. L. McDonald Wilson R. L. 6034 Reverse
Jas A. Baker Williams Harrison 6080 Reverse
Texas Electric Railway Williams Norma Lee 6090 Reverse

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