Gundungerre / Yaithmathang



AIATSIS code: S43
AIATSIS reference name: Gundungerre / Yaithmathang
Gundungerre is the term Clark (2005:13-14) uses for the language spoken by Omeo people. He lists Jaithmathan as an equivalent of Gundungerre but comments that Jaithmathan appears to be a clan name (see also Blake and Reid 2002). Clark's description of Gundungerre (2005) suggests that Gundungerre is closely related to Ngarigu S46.
Clark (2009) examines the literature on the language make up of the Omeo district of Victoria, sorting through the various analyses of groups and languages and the many name variations. He concludes that there were two languages in the area: Dhudhuroa S44 and Yaithmathang (S43), with Yaithmathang being a dialect of Ngarigu S46. He sets out the five groups associated with Dhudhuroa: Boengar-mittung, Djila-mittung, Ginning-mittung, Tarrer-mittung and Theddora-mittung; and the two groups associated with Yaithmathang: Kandangora-mittung and Yatte-mittung.

See also: 105943

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