Bunjil Bátalūk



Father of Tommy Hoddinot. Bataluk is Iguana. He was also called Dūlŭng-ngŭrrŭng. Tommy told Howitt his father was from somewhere near Prospect. Coral Dow notes that Prospect is now called Seaspray. From the 1840s there was a station called Coady Vale, located around Lake Dennison, just to the west of present-day Seaspray. Its name was then changed to Prospect some time in the late 1860s-1870s. This area was part of Bunjil Bataluk's country.
Coral Dow, Tatungalung Country: An Environmental History of the Gippsland Lakes, PhD thesis, Monash University, 2004, pp. 12-13.
R V Billis & A S Kenyon, Pastoral Pioneers of Port Phillip, Macmillan and Co., Ltd, London, 1932, p. 170.

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