Umbarra (King Merriman)



Umbarra was a Yuin informant to A.W. Howitt and a fisherman. Umbarra apparently owned a 'good Sydney-built boat, which he manages with the aid of his wife'. Howitt also notes that he was 'the bard of the Coast Murring' and had composed songs whilst travelling on the seas. An informant to A.W. Howitt in the southeastern corner of NSW. He reportedly died in 1904.

It has been suggested by some Yuin men that Umbarra was pronounced (by Percy Mumbulla and other elders) as sounding more like 'Yoombarra', or 'Oom-barra'.

See Roland Robinson's transcript of Percy Mumbulla's story of King Merriman and 'The Battle at Wallaga Lake' (Robinson, 1958, Black-feller White-feller, p.111-114).

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