old friends Butura, Parula,
Panangka, Kumura, of the Ante-
keriya Tribe, given me by Giles.

Of course it is nonsense to say
that the woman becomes a member
of her husband's class. The statement
that "blood relations intermarry
constantly" may perhaps be true
if the tribe be so reduced in numbers
that the old rules cannot be observed.

Of course the Aldolinja are of the
Lost Tribes of Israel. Judith, Paula.
+ Miriam prove this. Taplin found
William in Wullume, + my Aryan-
Maori friend discovers Leviathan
in the N.Z. Taniwha.

I suppose the Emu-god +c are,
or were, totems. Malbunga + his
two wives are identical with the
Darling River [?Adoree?] + his wives
Kilpara + Makuara. Of course
the Erinja is the Devil himself, as
seen by our Lutheran friend.

3. Cameron's letter
This is important, because it
confirms Lance's statement about
"the privilege of Ipai". It is a

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