and slight.

I shall be curious to learn what
you think of the new view of totemism
suggested independently to Spencer and
myself by the Intichiama ceremonies
+c of the Central Australians. You
will probably have seen my articles on the
subject in the Fortnightly. Spencer may
demur to my attempted reconciliation of
the new facts with [the - crossed out] my old theory,
but as to the rest I hope he agrees
with me. Lang has flamed out against
me in the Fortnightly for June, but I
only glanced at his article. It seemed
full of misunderstandings, which began
indeed with the title by attributing
the theory to me alone.

Do you know anything of Mrs
Langlos Parker
, of whose Australian evidence
Andrew Lang makes use? The tap of
folklore seems to run freely in her
neighbourhood, which, after what you told
me lately of the dried-up springs of
folklore, can hardly be anywhere in
Victoria or New South Wales.

Please give my very kind regards to
Mr Fison and Prof. Spencer where you see
them. Believe me
Yours very truly
J. G. Frazer

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