Trinity College
23 October 1906

My dear Dr Howitt
I received your letter of 10th
September about ten days ago. I am
sorry that I kept you so long in
suspense. But I put off writing to
you till I had received the
reprints of your Folklore paper, and
these did not reach me till well on
in July. They were sent out by Mr
on the 20th September, as
I judged that that would be a
better time than in July or August,
when people are mostly absent on
holidays. The papers were sent
1) To all members of the Anthropo-
logical Institute, excepting such as are
members of the Folklore Society (who
would read the paper in "Folklore")
2) To the principal English papers
and anthropological journals both British
and foreign (with the exception of the
American Journal of Folklore, the address
of which Mr Rogers failed to find).
3) To a list of the principal anthropo-
logists in America and Europe, to whom

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