I thought the paper should go in
the first instance.
4) To selected members of the Societe
d'Anthropoligie of Paris and
of the Berlin Gesellschaft für
Anthropologie (in addition to
those included under No. 3)

But the number of copies printed did
not suffice to send ot all the
members of the Berlin Gesellschaft
für Anthropologie whose names I
had selected, and for the same
reason none were sent to the selected
members of the Vienna Anthropological
Society. The number of anthropo-
logists whom I had selected to
receive them because the copies were
exhausted, was 24 or 25. I do
not think the omission is serious,
because I think most of the
persons chiefly concerned received
copies under head No. 3. Still
when you come to print your
papers in the Journal of the
Anthropological Institute
, I
would recommend you to
somewhat increase the number

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