of reprints, say to 600 copies
at least.

I enclose a list of the papers
and persons (with their addresses)
to whom copies were sent or should
have been sent; for none were
sent, for the reason I have given,
to the last 24 names on the
list, all those below the red line.
Please keep this list by you for
reference, and let me know
whether there are any names
which you would prefer to omit
when the distribution of your
other papers takes place. Of course
the list does not include the
names of members of the
Anthropological Institute, to all
of whom (except such as are
members of the [Anthropolo - crossed out]
Folk-lore Society) copies of the
paper were sent. I thought it
needless to copy out the names
of these latter, as you can
see them in the last number
of the Anthropological Journal.

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