3) L. Fison, "The Classification System
of Relationship
", Journ. Anthrop. Inst. [underlined]
XXIV (1895) pp. 360-371
4) Dr Howitt's paper "On the organisation
of Australian tribes
", Transactions
of the Royal Society of Victoria

Also Mr Fison's varous papers on
Fijian customs contributed to the
Journal of the Anthropological Institute [underlined]

I do not think it
desirable to republish Dr Howitt's
recent controversial papers
directed against Andrew Lang
and (I believe, though I have not
seen them) against R. H. Matthews
The interest of these last papers appears
to me ephemeral, since the mis-
understandings which they were
designed to correct are probably
shared by few. But what do
you think?

I thank you for sending me
the copy of "The Argus" with the
notice of your Father. I have
undertaken, as I have said, to

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