tribe [?] of [Rural?] [peoples?]

This group of coast tribes has some peculiarities
in their class [organization?] which may perhaps indicate
whether they are analogous to the other coast tribes
in and [with?] organization.

The Kamilaroi class names in the Gringai tribe

[three lines crossed out]

Much of the Gringai were named Kumbo, but there
were some Ipai [any or away?] there, and there was no
family of the [Kulbri?] sub class the members of which
lost their names from their father (1). Some of the
blacks in the Port Stephens district claimed to be Gringai,
- [was?] to two of them the man was Ipai and his wife was
Kubbitha, [away?] there were also Murri & Matha
individuals. In the neighbourhood of Maitland
there were also Kumbo and Butha the children
aKubbi man (2). If these examples
represent the marriage & descent [other?]
subclasses of these tribes before the [?tent?] of the coming
of the whites, one can only conclude that they were in a state
of decadence, of which I have no other example.
[Words crossed out]

The Ipai should marrie Kubbitha
[words crossed out] and that the children
is [words crossed out] rule,
that [words crossed out] of a Kubbi should
be Kumbi [&? or?] Butha [?] in and with the [Kamubia?]
rule, but that there was one family the man of which hid the names for their
father Kubbi in quite [?] one of by the [?]
[rule? or tribe?] but
also the tribe shown by the [?][?] in the Gringai
tribe. The [?] as o names to use is that
[?] be a case [?] may have arisen through the breaking down of the

{Left hand margin]
(1) [Bindell?]
(2) Fraser

Ipai [?]
[Kumbi?] [Kathi?]
[Ipai and Kathi linked and Ipai and Kumbi linked]

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