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Aust Joint Stack Bank
Bega 19” Aug 1883

A.W. Howitt Esq

My dear Sir,
By this mail under separate
registered cover I beg to return your
"Notes on the Port Stephens tribes of blacks"
I have also sent a short vocabulary
of their words and a very short dialogue.
These were taken from the lips of the
blacks themselves and if of any interest
or use may be relied upon as correct.

I have read the notes with much
interest amd added a few of my own
but from various causes have been
unable to give as much attention to
the subject as I wished. For the last
month I have been very unwell and
that has interfered. Mr Dawson’s
remarks appear to me to be most
accurate. A good deal that Mr Boydell
says would appear to apply more
to the blacks further [sic cf farther] inland, about
Gloucester and Maitland - 30 or 40 [underlined]
miles makes all the difference in
many matters of minor importance
in the manners and customs of the
blacks, as you are I know well aware -

Perhaps it may be as well to tell
you a little of what I remember of
the blacks about Carrington Port Stephens.

They believed in Spirits (Murria) and

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