Bega 19th September /83

A. W. Howitt Esq
My dear Sir
I am in receipt of your letter of
25th ult. and am pleased to think that the
particulars respecting the Port Stephens tribe of
blacks were acceptable to you. I regret that
I could not make the information more complete
With reference to your Queries-

No 1 Murrie - Spirit or Ghost - I note that this
word signifies Man in Eastern Australia generally
I am unable to throw any light on the subject
at Port Stephens it had the meaning attached.

No 2 Black Gins Gunbi - The bird was as you supposed
a tree creeper - The Bat was the man's Gunbi
(see No 25)

No 3 The idol on the hill in connection with the
ceremonies - had the head dressed up with
bark and grass like that of a black
prepared for hunting. I could get us
information from the blacks as to what
it represented whether The Supreme Spirit
or some other. I never heard of
a wife Cooea

No 4 Goodggie - I did not notice that "the
Doctor" took any special or prominent part
in the Initiation ceremonies, or at least I
have now no recollection of having done so.
Quartz crystals were used in their doctoring

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