Division of Tribes + Sub Tribes - correct
"Katungal = means Sea coast - i.e. Twofold Bay to Sydney - and
northwards - includes 90 mile beach to South.
"Murrin - means Sister in law - and country inhabited by them is
as described - extends to Gippsland - beyond this in the moun
-tains men are called Gundunrook [Gundunrook is underlined] -
"Bimeringal and Gundanrook - almost identical in meaning
the former extends from Parramatta and round the
limits of the Murrin or Marriwan country
Woradjeri - the name of the tribe - Kunamildan (meaning "come in
the night" being the name of the sub-tribe - this people only
came down to the coast, sneakingly not boldly at night - Kill a Murrin
man and go away again directly, Merriman's father - named
Ugaridgeroo - (meaning Flood-tide) was thus killed, he was Biambun
(old man, or King) of Wallaga tribe of Murriwan
Yuin - is a general tribal name of aborigines from Sydney to
Merimbula = beyond this to Cape Howe - [?Maru? - could be Mairu] [Maru underlined] but all are
"In the Katungal country the names of animals +c are thus
Kangaroo - Booroo Bream - Buri
* Bush rat or Bandicoot = Merrijigga Mullet - Warigila
Crow - Wa go-ow Wild Duck - Wombara
Fisherman Jack - Birimbamin Native Dog - Merri
Kongwari [Gunimbil crossed out] is a general name for dogs of all kinds wild as
well as tame = Gunimbil is not known
" names of animals were not general amongst the Yuin
Merriman can only remember two - one a Broulee man named
Warrigal [Warrigal underlined] (native dog) and another Murrira [Murrira underlined] (Emu) other names
were Burruwalwa [Burruwalwa underlined] (one who know s everything) Ouwiti [Outwiti underlined] (canoe) Kumbo
(marrow) Nyerriwang (thunder) Bulleer [Bulleer underlined] (dust) Kayan [Kayan underlined] (very top peak of
the Dromedary) Mundu pira (stone tomahawk) Merriman's name is

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