Gūyángal = Kŭrial tribe = Bemeringal [gal=belonging to] a subdivision of both N.S.W

Tribe, Clans, Wifes From Wives to
[note linked to clans in table headings] from names of places
as Tadera - a [?bay?] near Bega
and manuji [=like saying "stopping at a place] a number of people
a "mob"
Tribe Clans Wifes from Wives to
1 Mallagoota 6 4.5.6 4.5.6
Gūyangal 2 Taderamanji 5 4.5.6. 4.5.6
south = gūyar (Bega 5
gal = man 3 Bŭrgeli manji 4.5.6 4.5.6
(Moruya) 4

Bimeringal = 4 Braidwood 2
Bims =west?
Kŭrial [crossed out - Braidwood
Karū = North 5 (Ulladulla) 1
Gūrūngatto manji
6 Lower Shoalhaven 3

[on right had side of table, in margin]
manji= like
saying "stopping
at a place".-

[just outside bottom right corner of table]
gal=belonging to

The Gūyangal and Kurial also exchanged
wives in a friendly way with the Bemeringal
of Maneroo or the Katŭng-gal along the
coast beyond Shoalhaven River. Bemering-gal
is from Bemering=mountain and gal=[crossed out - man] belonging to
and Katŭng=sea and gal= [crossed out - man] belonging to
[crossed out - The Bemerin] But he also says that Bimmera = west
and Bidŭng = mountain

The rule appears to have been Gūyangal marries
Kŭrial and vice versa. This is truly followed
by Gūyangal which is stricly exogamous; but
not by Kŭrial which is exogamous only
as to the clan. My informant said that the
Gūyangal were far more strict than the

[??] Ienbin says that he thinks Kŭrial could
not marry Kŭrial.

[written in left side margin]
1 [next to comment re Bemeringal of Maneroo]
East = ngarawŭn
= long way
Katung = sea
or East
p 02 next to comment about Ienbin

[written in pencil in bottom right corner of page]
"Budjan" 6

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