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Boundaries of country

The country of this tribe commences
[crossed out - at the Canjola River, thence by Ulladulla,
Brumin Station on the head of the]
at the Eastern side of Mallagoota Inlet
thence by Mallagoota northwards including
Bondi to near Delegete [sic], thence Northward
leaving Nimitibelle and Cooma a little to the left hand,
by Umerella, Biddy devine, Araluen,
Jimmycumbene, Braidwood including Queenbyan [sic] thence
round by the Canjola River to the sea.

This was divided between the
Gūyangal and Kŭrial. The former
had the part between Mallagoota and
Nelligan River - the latter from Nelligan River
up to Shoalhaven - (a little beyond to
Canjola River).

The members of this This tribe independently of [crossed out - there] it
being divided into two intermarrying sub tribes
were also spoken of as Bemeringal
and Katŭngal according as they
lived in the [crosed out - sea] mountains or on
the sea coast. More distant tribes
northwards along the coast were
also called Katŭngal or seacoast men while
others [crossed out Nort] beyond the mountains
on the great Maneroo plateau and towards
Queenbyand [sic] and Lake Bathurst were
also called Bemeringal or mountain men.

With these tribes friendly intercourse took place
with intermarriages. But there were still
more distant tribes who were only known
to them as Woradjera or
Kūna mildan who came at times
and killed the Yūin. These lived
beyond the mountains and Northwards.

[written in left side margin]
Bidwell blacks
are Bemeringal

Strutt - the
Bemeringal were
the Maneroo men
for Bemering = high plains

Bemeringal [crossed out -had]
went out to
Kiandra but
not over the
Dividing Range.

Come by night [next to Kūna mildan]

Melbourne blacks = Gūyangal

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