Morgan's "Ancient Society".*
Subsequently Mr Lance informed me
that the spelling aforesaid did not agree with the
(17) pronunciation as heard from the lips of the
natives. After careful inquiry from a number
of competent informants, some of whom were
aborigines I altered the spelling of the words
to that given in the Table, which to my ear comes
as nearly as possible to the pronunciation, it
being borne in mind that the vowels have their
proper sounds. not those which we give them
in English.

I am careful to explain this thus min-
utely because there hangs to it something more
than a mere question of orthography. Kubi's
sister is called Kapŏta by Mr Ridley, + the fact
is thereby concealed that this classname is
simply Kubi with the feminine termination
tha, just as Tarawangan is the feminine form
of Tarawang. From the spelling given in the
Table it is seen at a glance that in the Kamil-
aroi language, the feminine names aare
formed from the masculine [by the - crossed out] by adding tha,
as they are formed elsewhere by adding an, [??]
or gor. Matha + Butha are evidently contrac-
tions of Muritha + Kumbutha. But see Note to Capiii
on Rule iv. [L. F.]

Subdivision of the Four Classes
by means of Totems

It is perhaps not too much to say
that every tribe of the Australian aborigines
has totem subdivisions, each distinguished by
the name of an animal. It is certain that
some of these contract the range of marriage

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