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This tribe had class names, or more properly
speaking totem names merely. My informant
proferred to know that the "Maneroo Bimeringal"
had "two names" while the "Yūin had only one
name." He stated that there were very numerous
[crossed out - being here names] of which the following are
Kau-al-gar Kangaroo
[Ng - crossed out] Emu
wŭng-ali Bushrat
gūr-a-gūr Kangaroo rat
Kong-wari Wild dog
Mŭn-yŭng-a - Eaglehawk
wa-gu-ra -crow
gŭr-ŭng-gaba - Pelican
Bir-im-bar-min - Whitebreasted Cormorant
Bŭrnaga - Iguana
Mŭr rumbŭl - Brown snake
Bŭr-im-i - Silver bream
gŭmbera - Black snake

[crossed out - My in] Ienbin was not clear as to the law of
descent but the following instances show
what it probably was. It will be seen hereafter
that in this tribe the [crossed out - class] totemic names
[crossed out - have] play a far [crossed out - more subordinate] less important part in
the social structure than in all but very
limited number of tribes.

Ienbin is Kaualgar as was his father.
His three sisters Mūnyūngar
One of Ienbin's comrads [sic] was Mŭrwŭnbŭl like his father
[crossed out - a sister] this man's mother Birimbarmin
one of his sisters was Bŭrumi
It seems certain that the boys took the fathers
class name - the probability is that the
daughter took the mothers class name.

[written in left side margin]
Ienbin calls
Half sisters- different

[written on right side margin]
Ipai mir
Kumbi Kubi

The totems were scattered
over the whole
tribal territory
and the
aggregated totem at
any one place
obeyed the local

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