Old Merriman is Ūmbara=black duck. Harry Cook=járūat (a small owl);
Bega Charly=nganajan (Bat; Tallboy-tiska (a small owl). Hawden= Kŭmbo. Jabberch- Ngaribar
They have totem names and perhaps traces of the class names Bega Charly has two names - ngananaja (Bat) and Mŭrŭmbŭl
=Brown snake; but this appears to include "the man's brother" - yet on Maneroo the Bat is a totem; at Bermagui the individual has
only one totem name e.g. Merriman who is Umbara (black duck) [crossed out - but he also has what may] other totem names according to him are
Kaualga=Kangaroo - Jannangabatch= Porcupine which is also called Gouran- moura; ngaribár=water hen (Porphyris)
[crossed out - and] These names are always inherited from the father.

The Bat and the Mŭr-au-rai (Emu wren) are the brothers of the men; and the "tree creeper" Tintegallan is the women's sister.
It is said that it was the Mŭraurai that made the human sexes distinct by splitting up the then existing people
and by them sewing them up again. To kill the tree creeper would greatly offend the women and cause them to fight
with the men. It is said that long ago there were no men and women on the earth but only animals birds reptiles +c. That there
were no trees and that the earth was bare and "like the sky as hard as a stone." Daramulun lived on the earth with his
mother Ngal-al-bal. He placed trees on the earth. At this time when the earth was only inhabited by animals +c the land
extended far out where there now is sea. The Thrush (Kabboka) when out hunting killed a wallaby and gave some of it to
the other birds. Those looking at it and smelling it said "it is going rotten" and complained about it. The Thrush being very much
enraged, while the others were out hunting, commenced to dance and sing (the Tālmarū dance) until he caused a furious
gale of wind to arise. Whirlwinds swept leaves, sticks and dust into the air, and torrents of rain fell and drowned the whole country
and all the people in it except some who turned into fish and some who crawled out on the land and became men and
women. Some say that only two escaped - a man and a woman - who [crossed out - crawled] climbed onto Mt Dromedary and then escaped and from them
all the Murring are descended. Daramulun at this time went up to the sky with his wife and his mother Ngal al bal
where he now is.

When at Bombala in June (?) 1882 - I was told as follows:
Bega Jerry = Kaualga - Billinga (Kangaroo - grey magpie) which he received from his father. The Kangaroo itself gave him notice when his
father was killed at a distance. One old man now dead had for his Jo-e-a -Winbore = Eaglehawk. [At B - crossed out]
A young man from Bŭngŭlly south of Moruya gave his totem as Merit jigar (Long nosed bandicoot) and Jarauat = (owl) which he had from his
father who told him when he was a little boy. A young man from Braidwood said he was "Nŭra" (?) which was also the totem
of his father, who had told him that "no one should marry so as to mix the same blood, but must marry a woman of some
other name than his own, and besides this go for a wife as far as possible from his own place." Thus his father being of
Braidwood went to Moruya for a wife, and if his wife had a brother the Braidwood man would have had to give
him his sister in exchange - or as he said as a "Kind of swap".
On this subject Jerry said it is a rule that the "Waddy men" who get their living by climbing trees must go down to
the sea and get a wife from the people who get their living by fishing - the Waddy men and Fishermen
get wives from each other. (note resemblance of these clans to the Aigicores - to the [?Oermorod?] +c of Attica)

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