General conclusions H2/50
[Gibson - Mr J. - preface, - 25 note, appendix C - crossed out]
[Gippsland, first settlement of 1. - crossed out]
[aboriginal population of 1 - crossed out]
Ghosts 64
White men thought to be 67
Gibson Mr J, Preface, 25 note, Appendix C
Gippsland, first settlement of 1
aboriginal population of 1
Gournditch-mera tribe 52 note, 76 note, Appendix C, H2/8 note
Group relationships H2/11

Hagenauer Rev. F. A. 25 note
Hand of a corpse 61
Hearne Professor H2/18

Individual marriage H2/40
Infanticide 9, H2/44
Inheritance 63
Initiation ceremony of 14
Isolation, of Kurnai 3, 88 note

Kinship, terms of 56A
development of H2/1
Kühn Rev Julius preface, 31, 76 note
Kurnai - isolation of 53, 88 note
their life one of dread 84
meaning of name 7
their character and intelligence 78
their present social condition H2/1
their numerals 78 note

Lance Mr T. E. - H 2/7 note
Lewin 12
Lubbock Sir John H 2/11

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