is a lesser circle B carefully cleared
and with either growing saplings round
its circumference or if not saplings
stuck in the ground and arched
over so as to make an enclosed barrier
with one entrance facing the larger
Būnan A. Between the two is
a cleared path. If there are nice
saplings or young wattles beside it
they may be arched over but this
is not essential.

The Būnan being thus prepared
the proceedings commence on
some morning at the the camp.
A lad is chosen who has been
initiated. He walks past a log
near the camp, starts back as
if in surprise and exclaims
"Garri-gari"! a snake a snake.
The men pretending to be surprised
run up to him and say "Where
is it?" He says "in the log".
Then the boy pretending to fear begins
as if crying with dread Kai! Kai!
Kai! Upon this the boy runs off
and every one who has been initiated
that is - is gūm-bang-ira (gūmbang = raw
ira = teeth) runs after him in a long
string. Each one takes a bough in each hand.
The leader runs in and out among the
camps followed by his tail which
exactly copies his movements.
He sings out Hai! Hai! - they do the same
shaking the bushes together with a rustling
sound. Then he stops - makes a sound
like Brrr repeatedly with his lips and

[written in left side margin next to 'Garri-gari']
gari means
any kind of

[written in left side margin next to information about calling out 'Kai']
This is as if one
of our children
when in fear
were to cry oh, oh, oh!

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