something like glass out of his mouth.
This is also a powerful Jo-e-a to kill
people. This was done by a Bega Gommera,
Again further in [they - crossed out] he came to a place
where there was a little figure of a man
made of mud. It had lying by it all
kinds of weapons. It was about two feet
or more in height. Round this they
all [crowded - crossed out] danced shouting 'Dara-mū-lūn' and another Gommera
this time of the Būnan also danced
round it and brought out of his
mouth another powerful kind if
Jo-e-a like beef. All the men
were shouting 'Dara-mū-lūn' which
is the name of the little mud man.

Further on we came to the figure
of a snake moulded on the ground
Here again the men crowded round
and a Gommera this time after
dancing round it, shook his head
and brought out of his mouth
a small brown snake (Marŭmbŭl)
about a foot in length. I saw it come
out of his mouth and fall on the
ground and it then ran up his
leg. I was fearfully frightened.
This Marŭmbŭl is a very strong
Jo-e-a because it is supposed the
gommera can send it in the
night to bite any one in the camp.
After this we got to the small Būnan.
All the men go inside and dance.

[written in left side margin]
9 (i)
10 (k)

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