Then one of the Gommeras, this time
from the Braidwood mob danced round
in a squatting position like the others
and brought out of his mouth something
like black india rubber and about
as long and as wide as one's hand. It
hung down from his teeth. Then he
took it back inside him. This is a
very strong Jo-e-a and he [said - crossed out] told us afterwards
that he could blow it in a person's
face so as to blind him or he could
hold it up before a whole mob of people
so that their eyes would become dim
and he could then go up and
finish them all with his spear or
waddy. This Jo-e-a is called

After the gommeras had shown us
[then - crossed out] what they could do we all went
back quietly to the Big Būnan
and the first who entered began
to make a noise with their lips like
'Prt-Prt' till we were all back
again. All this time the women
were still singing. When we
were all back one man shouted
out the name of a place
seven or eight times - we all
danced and then went out
to the camps, men, women & children.

That night a grand corroboree
was held to please the Braidwood
visitors. These ceremonies are all

[written in left side margin]

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