After a little the boys are left sitting up but
covered over with a rug so that theu shall not see.
The men now go and fetch their bundles and [uncover - crossed out]
[the women - crossed out] remove the boughs from the women.
All the women are ordered to go to some
distant place, perhaps five or six miles
even as much as ten miles where they have to wait till the next
day. When the men return to the Būnan
the boys all uncovered and [the - crossed out] precisely
those [ceremonies - crossed out] performances are ['followed' - crossed out] gone through which have
been described already and as the ceremonies
proceed each Jambi explains them to his
boy, tells him of Darūmūlūn and warns
him never to mention these things to women or
to children. They tell him that Darūmūlūn
is in the clouds and can kill him if
he does wrong and reveals these things.
The different Gommeras of course produces
each his "Joea" before the boys, [on reaching - crossed out] on completing the
performances at the small Būnan the ceremonies cease for
a time and the Jambis go with the boys into
the bush to hunt for food and remain
away till evening. At sunset some of the
men make a small Būnan at some suitable
place, large enough for 20 or 30 people. In it
a man - a Jambi - or in any case a strong
man goes down on his knees, the boy is placed
straddle on his shoulders and having his feet
each in a hole in the ground about three
inches deep. The man holds his legs tight.
The boy is made to lean backward on the
breast of some other strong man who holds
his arms. A Gommera then places a
thing like a chisel of Ironbark wood on
one of his upper front teeth, it does not matter

[written in left side margin]

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