After 5 or 6 months the old Gommera permitted
me to come in and the men came out for
[me- crossed out] us after holding a meeting among themselves.
Further than this we must be careful not
to let any of the women see us stripped
of our rugs for some four months after
coming in.

When I returned I had my face painted
and went to live with my father and mother.

[written in left side margin]
young men's
Yes. - see
p. when tooth song
is sung.

There were no rules about sharing game.
If I killed more game that I wanted
I should give the rest away to some relation
or friend. To my parents for instance, or
I might send my wife with some to her
parents but I need not do so unless I
liked. Nor was there any law as to
where I must place my camp except
not to put it near my wife's mother's camp.
When people arrived they pitched their huts at the side
of the encampment from which they arrived.

At the end of the Būnan, when the boys have
gone off by themselves and before the different
lots of people return to their own countries
a kind of market was held. In some
clear open space near the camp the
people laid out their things. A man
would perhaps say "I have such and such
things". Another would bargain for them.

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