A complete set would be 1. ngūlia, 4 bŭrrian
1 gŭmbŭn and 1 Kŭbbŭtgun i.e. one complete
set of corroboree things. It was the rule that
a complete set went together. Weapons
[or rugs - crossed out] might be taken for these. A complete
set of weapons was 10 fighting boomerangs
- the straight-going ones (Warrangŭn) - 10
grass tree and jagged wood pointed spears
(gŭmma) 1 of each shield Bembaia (for
stopping spears) Millidu (for [other - crossed out] close
fighting) 1 Knob stick (gūdjūrūng)
or (Būndi) and one throwing stick
(wommera). The women also engaged in
this trade and exchanged possum rugs
bags [+c - crossed out], yamsticks (tūali).

It is at this fair as I have before said
that marriages are arranged by the fathers.
A man might say "I have a son and I
want a girl for him" - some one might
say in reply "here you are - this girl
will do - you can have this girl".
The girls mother might say something
and of course all the relationships are
well known as these things are often talked
about in camp. These marriage arrangements
are particularly about the [Gūmbangara - crossed out] boys
who have just been made Gūmbangara
at the Būnan. At these markets the
Gommera get things given them for nothing.
The men contribute things and he has
generally a big load to carry home.
The women also give him presents, or give
to his wife yamsticks, bags and such like.

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