At one of these markets I remember
seeing a shield brought at a certain
time of the year, a shield that had won
many battles; it was sent round
from the Murrumbidgee and it
was swapped away and went on its

There was always a head Gommera over
the whole tribe. The Head Gommera now
is Waddiman who lives at Moruya.
He is very old - 150 years old for all I know
but he is very active and strong. He
never drinks anything stronger than lemonade
for he says drink is a bad thing for the
Jo-e-a. While I was at the Būnan Waddiman [has - crossed out] told me that he
was selected by the last of the great Gommeras
when he was quite a little boy and that
he was trained to be a Gommera. He said
that before I was born and when he was
getting to be grey all the younger men
asked him to become a Gommera. There
were at that time Gommeras among the
Shoalhaven Kŭrial but the Moruya
Yūin had not any. The younger men
asked him what the old blacks used to do
and he then told them how a Gommera
was made and about "making young
men" at the Būnan. Then they said to
him that he must be Gommera

[written in left side margin next to first paragraph]

[written in left side margin next to paragraph about Waddiman]
This is an Pigeon English [sic]
word implying
a good tree climber
from waddy =
wood = tree -
ie Treeman

[written in left side margin near bottom of page]
This seems to be
- the fight was
about an elopement
not as to being a

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