It was customary when a Gommera was
made for 10-20 men to each throw [spears - crossed out] a spear
at him at once and then each a bundle of boomerangs. If he came through
the spears all right he was a Gommera.
If he was wounded he had to try again
sometime. Sometimes the man would
be killed and then there was an end of him. Many would not attempt
the [ordeal- crossed out] trial. Waddiman was so skilful
that he let all the Moruya men throw
spears at him at once and he
came through all right and was their
Gommera. Now he is so very old
that all the other Gommeras elsewhere
obey him and do all he tells them.

It was the Head Gommera who
picked out men at the Būnan to be
Gommeras when any were needed.
Suppose for instance that the Gommera at
Bodalla died. Then Old Waddiman
would at the next Būnan pick out of
those who wanted to be Gommeras the one
who could do most. Those men who are
becoming grey might advise Waddiman
but he would decide himself. To become
a Gommera a man must have the
following qualifications. He must [be - crossed out]
becoming grey; he must be able to speak
many languages; he must be able
to bring up Joe-as out of himself
and he must be able [finally - crossed out] to
go through the spears. The Gommeras
used to show Waddiman what they
could do.

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It was the Head
Gommera who called
all the other Gommeras
to consult with him.
He did this by messengers
called Jeri-irr.
When the other Gommeras
had consulted him
then they went and
told all the men
old and young
what to do.

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