per Merriman +c
There was a Gommera at each place. He was also called
Biamban = master. Any one who had grey hair was a biamban for
he could order the young men to do things; a man was Biamban in his
own family :- all the Gommeras were Biamban - and the greatest
Gommeras were those who could bring most things out of themselves.
Jabberah saw a renowned Gommera when at great Bunan bring out of his mouth
a number of small quartz crystals which he placed in a bark bowl and the novices swallowed
them in order to become "clever men" - i.e. wizard for it is believed that in a "favourable evil" the
quartz crystal (Krūgūlŭng) would "breed" until a man became full of them and able to bring them
out of himself. The Gommeras could throw these Krūgūlŭng at people like wind invisible + impalpable
so that the victim could not know that he was hit, but a man killed by a Joea might be able to tell his friends
by whence he had been burnt - but often someone else would be able to say "I saw so and so go behind him
throwing Joeas".
The Gommeras also used in the olden times to go up in the air to the sky.

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