The Gommeras have people killed who
for instance kill another of the same
mob or who have done wrong in shewing
the mūdthi or such like. If a man
had killed a man of another [trib - crossed out] mob
any Gommera, not only the one where
the man was killed might send
[the - crossed out] a Jerri to the man who killed him
to tell him he must come to such
and such a place and stand
out. Meanwhile the blacks would
be getting their spears ready for him
and warming up their boomerangs
in the ashes so as to be tough.

On the day fixed the man appears
armed with both shields. If he has
killed someone he has not got any
backer. If he has only wounded someone
or hurt him with Jo-e-a he will
have a backer. If the other people
are not fair the backer helps him.
In the case where a man had been
killed the friends of the man
who stands out are with their
Gommera a little out of spear
range at one side. The dead
man's mob stands in sight further
off and their Gommera with them.
Before the fight comes off the Gommera
has asked the dead man's nearest male
relation how many men he wants to
go out to fight. If he said six, then
the Gommera would order six
good men to go with him.

[written in left side margin]
Moruya man

re [Boomerang - crossed out] spear shield
+ club shield
look up the names

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