two Kilpara totems, the Wild duck + the
Kangaroo, + two Mukwara totems, the Emu
+ (say) the Snake, + we have the four classes as
we have them in the subdivisions of the Queensland
Yungaru + Wutaru. Mr Stewart, however, who
has been for nearly 30 years in close inter-
course with the Mt Gambier tribe, assures
us that the numerous totems used by that
people do not in any way restrict matri-
monial selection. A Kunnite can take
any Krokiegor, a Krokee any Kumibegor", he
wrote in reply to a specific inquiry as to
whether the totems affect the marriage regul-
tions. *

The Kamilaroi totems are peculiar.
At least, they have a peculiarity attacked to them
which calls for special attention. Unlike the
Darling totems, at first sight they appear to
affect "the main division by legalising to a
certain limited extent marriage with the
half sister by the father's side. This is marriage
within the class [though not wit - crossed out] an utter
abomination to all, or nearly all, the other
tribes. It will be seen, however, that the
totems are not answerable for this. It is an
innovation + an overriding of their rules.

The Kamilaroi totems will be most
easily understood by reverting to the two
primary divisions, which have been shown
to be Ipai- Kumbu + Muri-Kubi. In one
generation - the order is reversed in the next -
Ipai- Kumbu divides into Kangaroo, Opossum + Iguana
Muri- Kubi divides into Emu, Bandicoot + Black snake
And, as each of the four class names takes all
the totems proper to the primary division
to which it belongs, each of the four classes.

[written in left side margin]

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