two Kilpara totems, the Wild duck + the
Kangaroo, + two Mukwara totems, the Emu
+ (say) the Snake, + we have the four classes as
we have them in the subdivisions of the Queensland
Yungaru + Wutaru. Mr Stewart, however, who
has been for nearly 30 years in close inter
course with the Mt Gambier tribe, assures
us that the numerous totems used by that
people do not in any way restrict matri
monial selection. A Kunnite can take
any Krokiegor, a Krokee any Kumibegor", he
wrote in reply to a specific inquiry as to
whether the totems affect the marriage regul
tions. *

The Kamilaroi totems are peculiar.
At least, they have a peculiarity attacked to them
which calls for special attention. Unlike the
Darling totems, at first sight they appear to
affect "the main division by legalising to a
certain limited extent marriage with the
half sister by the father's side. This is marriage
within the class [though not wit - crossed out] an utter
abomination to all, or nearly all, the other
tribes. It will be seen, however, that the
totems are not answerable for this. It is an
innovation + an overriding of their rules.

The Kamilaroi totems will be most
easily understood by reverting to the two
primary divisions, which have been shown
to be Ipai- Kumbu + Muri-Kubi. In one
generation - the order is reversed in the next
Ipai- Kumbu divides into Kangaroo, Opossum + Iguana
Muri- Kubi divides into Emu, Bandicoot + Black snake
And, as each of the four class names takes all
the totems proper to the primary division
to which it belongs, each of the four classes.

[written in left side margin]

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