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and the Nelligan River [sic]; the Kŭrial from the Nelligan
[sic] to the Shoalhaven River; and the Bimeringal living
inland about Braidwood. But this latter name seems
to have been applied also generally to the people who lived
inland and in the mountains while the term Katŭngal
was applied to the residents of the coast itself.-

More distant tribes who occasionally made warlike
raids over the mountains were called Woradjeri or

The men living between the Turon River + [?Caujola?] River
were also called Yūin.

There seem to have been in this tribe as in other Australian
tribes class names, (or family names) of which the following
have been given me as examples among the Yūin.
Kaualgar = Kangaroo Gūragūr = Kangaroo rat
Wŭngali = Bushrat Mŭnyŭnga = Eaglehawk
wa-go-ra = crow Gŭrŭngaba = Pelican
Birimbamin = Cormorant Bŭmaga = Iguana
Mŭrŭmbŭl = Brown snake Bŭrimi = Bream
Gūmbera = Black snake merigong
Kongwari = wild dog

My informant could not state the various classes
or how the various names were permitted to intermarry
or how the names were inherited. I therefore give
over leaf two tables showing [crossed out - the] a typical example
- namely that of the Kamilaroi tribes - in which the
two primary classes, the four sub classes, and the family names
(totems) are given together with the law of marriage and descents.
Can you complete those of the Yūin?

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