Kamilaroi classes


Two classes four sub classes with family names totems)
Ipai Kangaroo, opossum, Bandicoot,
Dilbi Kŭmbo Paddy melon, Iguana, Black Duck
Eaglehawk, Scrub turkey, yellow fish
Honey fish, Bream

Mŭri Emu, Carpet snake, Black snake
Kŭpathin Red kangaroo, Honey, Walleroo
Kŭbi Frog, Cod fish.

Thus supposing a man were "Kangaroo" - then he would be
either "Ipai" or Kŭmbo - but in either case he would be
Dilbi - also supposing him to be on the other hand "Emu"
he would be either "Mŭri" or "Kŭbi" but in either
case he would be Kŭpathin.

My informant told me that he was Kaualgor = Kangaroo
- that his father was also Kaualgor - that he did not know
what his mothers name was, but that his three sisters
were Mŭnyŭnga = Eaglehawk. This suggests to me
that in the Yūin the descent is [??] for boys
through the father and for the girls through the
mother - in other words that the boys take their
fathers names while the girls take their mothers name.
Now please to observe on the otherhand the
laws of marriage and descent of the above Kamilaroi

male marries children are
Ipai - Kŭbitha - mŭri + matha
Diebi Kŭmbo - Matha - Kubi + Kubitha Kŭpathin

Mŭri - Būtha (Kŭmbūtha Ipai + Ipatha
Kŭpathin Kŭbi - Ipatha - Kŭmbo + Būtha Diebi

Note that after all in the above the rule is "Diebi" marries
Kŭpathin and the children are Kupathink + vice versa.

[written in left side margin alongside top table]
Female name is formed
by adding "tha"
e.g. Ipai - Ipatha

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