[printed article by A. W. Howitt - 'The Kamilaroi Marrage Law" from Science of Man, vol. 5, no. 3, April 26 1902, pp. 46-47]

[notes written in margin in two different hands]

[left side margin]
Would you kindly
answer these questions
and set the marriage Rites
and Relationships out
as fully as possible

[at top of page]
A man must not only
marry in his right class-
say a Murri to a Bootha
but in his right blood too - [??] [??]
he is not himself
Should Murri be a gwaigullech
[he must - crossed out] his Bootha must be a
Should Murri be a Kangaroo by inheritance his
Bootha must not be one too.
A personal totem if arrived by chance
does not count in marriage restrictions
only in food Taboos.

[in right side margin]
I think the blood distinction
would prohibit it-
The tribes are divided into
(1) Two bloods - Gwai gullech - Light blooded
Gwai mudtha - Dark blooded
(2) ? The children of either sex take their blood divisional name from the mother
and no two of the same named blood may marry - ergo a man could not marry the daughter of his mother's brothers
for that brother would be same
blood as his sister the man's mother.
K. Langloh Parker
Late of Bangate, Narren River, N.S.W.

Notes and Questions

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