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Ngarego Tribe

The boundaries of this tribe are well defined by
the limits of the Maneroo tableland; being
bounded to the West by the Thed-dora of Omeo
about the Cobboras; the Kurnai about
Gelantipy; to the South West by the Biduelli
at the Coast Range, and by the same
range to the south from the Coast tribes
(Murring). To the East they are bounded
about Bong Bong by [othe- crossed out] some tribe.
To the North their neighbours were the Wolgal.

The word Ngarego is the name of the
language they spoke - the distinctive name
of this tribe being Murring = men. This
word however includes the Coast tribes
and the Wolgal.

While this [Ngarego was- crossed out] tribe called their
language "Ngarego", they called the language
of the Theddora, Kŭndūng-orūr and that
of Gippsland Kūngela. Wild blacks
were called Bŭdara and white men

The names of the tribes bordering the Ngarego were
Ngai-mŭthc-mittăng at Queenbeyan [sic]; Waral-
mittang at Bega; Bondi mittŭng at Bondi;
Biduell-mittang at Bendoc; Woradjeri mittūng
at the Tumut River; the men along the
coast were called Katŭng-gal and those
further up than Bega - Kŭrial. The
Ngarego-mittang were as far as Cooma.
The open plains country is called

[in left side margin at top of page, next to title]
yes = yeyo
no = mūrū

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