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The class divisions of the Ngarego are as follows;


Merūng = Bellet Bellet - Lyre Bird
Eaglehawk Nadjanajan - Bat
Bullemba - Flying Squirrel
Mundarung - [Wombat -crossed out] Lesser - ditto
Namung - Black snake
Mūlan or Mŭnjia - Fish ?
But-the-wark - Mopoke
Kaunga - Black opossum
Wa-at - Red wallaby

Yŭkem-brūk Bra-a-gar - Small Hawk
= crow Tchuteba - Rabbit rat
Bow-wur - Flying Squirrel next in size to Bullemba
Bŭr-rū - Kangaroo
Berribong - Emu
Budalūk - Iguana
Kū-i-ūr - Native Companion
Kau-au - Porcupine
Ū-lūn-bau - Sleeping Lizard

The law was that Merūng might only
marry any totem of Yukembrūk and
vice versa; but at present this law is
disregarded and there is evidence that
it has been disregarded in time past.
One man (Munday) being Nadjatajan
of Merung is married to [sentence ends here].

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