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Answers to questions in first Series
1 Ngarego They also call themselves Mur-ring to distinguish
themselves from other tribes
2 and 4 Yes into two classes and Eighteen subdivisions
Eagle Hawk
Bellet Bellet Lyre Bird
Nadjinajan Bat
Bullemba Flying squirrel
Merndarung Lesser ditto
Narnung Black Snake
Moolauor Mungia Fish
But-the-Wark Mopoke
Cown-ga Black opossum
Wa-at Red Wallaby

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Bra-a-gar Small Hawk
Schuteba Native Rabbit
Bow-wur Squirrel next in size to Bullemba
Burroo Kangaroo
Berribang Emu
Bud-da-luk Iguana
Koo-i-oor Native Companion
Cow-wan - Porcupines
Oo-loon-ban Sleeping Lizard
3 Munday says formerly to Mitta the other side of Omeo, to Bong Bong
towards Sydney, to Braidwood and to Bega.
5. Munday still says that Merong may only marry a totem of
Yukembrook, but when asked how, he a Merong is married

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