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5 to a Merong of the Totem Nadjinajan, he says that his grandfather
having been a Yukembrook and he taking his descent from him
can marry a Merring to which class his own father belonged.
The above requires further elucidation
6 Munday says the child takes his descent from grandfather, but
when asked to what class his own son belongs, he replies Yukembrook,
which he explains by tracing the descent further back.
I should like you to have an interview with Munday and others
if only to clear up this point, as from your long experience
you will be able to do so much better than I can.
7 Yes, and such promises were strictly kept.
8 Sometimes
9 Yes. Munday says the punishment was slight and the matter
generally made up as among ourselves, by the parents becoming
reconciled to the young people.
10 No no on this point the Aborigines were very strict.
11 She neither went to the deceased husband's brother nor did
she become common to the men of the same. Totem as her
deceased husband, but became the property of the husband's
12 No. No.
13 Never, never do that (answered with disdain)
14 Death
15 They were tried and severely punished
16 In a chief or headman whose office was hereditary
17 The masters of the ceremonies were called "Kiradji" and had
received power and authority to act as such from Thur-um-u-
lan or Dara-mū-lun at a former ceremony of Initiation.

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