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17 and such power was transmitted by them to others when
they became unable from age or infirmity to discharge the duties
appertaining to that high office.
The spot chosen was at least 4 days' journey from the camp
and generally elevated land. The rejoicings lasted five or six weeks
and youths came from more than one hundred miles, no
women or girls were allowed to paricipate in the corroboree
which followed the ceremony of initiation or at the ceremony.
P.S. An interesting article on the above subject appeared in the
"Sydney Mail" some time since. I have unfortunately lost
the paper but I shall endeavour to obtain it and will for-
ward it to you.
18. Yes and such instrument was called by the "Ngarego" tribe
Mur-ran-gong. They believe or did believe that the original
was made by "Thur-um-u-lan, Dara-mū-lun" (the man, Him
the Great Spirit) from which all others were copied. At such
a lenght of time from his initiation, Munday looked at the drawing
representing the instrument, with awe.
19 Munday says that the only message sticks used in his youth
and before he came among the whites, were Boomerangs,
spears, and nullah nullahs. Boomerangs signifying that
they desired friendly relations with the party to whom sent,
and spears and nullah nullahs being a declaration of war.

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