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1 They believe that every human being has a spirit "Dullabong" and
that the spirit only leaves the body at death to meet Dara-mu-lum
2 No. At death Dara-mu-lum meets Dullabong the spirit whom
he never after allows to wander.
3 No
4 Yes formerly but now dig a grave in which after wrapping
the body in bark, they bury it.
5. The body was first tied so as to reamin in the position
represented in question 4, the women then dressed it in
the corroboree costume and painted the body with pipe clay.
All weapons belonging to deceased were buried with him.
6 No. They say that Dullabong the spirit never returned or
wanders through the bush after leaving the body to meet
7 Wizard Ben-ure They do not belive that the wizard can change
himself into an animal or bird, but they say, that in case
of sickness he can see the cause and extract it from
the body and that such power was given him by
Dara-mu-lum at the time of his Initiation.

Gesture Language
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the above subject

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