(Maneroo 2)
They were placed with some Kangaroo teeth
in a bag made of the skin of Kŭlbŭl an
animal like a Bowie,
Joeas are like Būlk - the blacks who are
now dead [that - crossed out] had them.

[Jim - crossed out] Iambi(Neddy Rourke) says
When Jim Crow was buried near Sugan Bugan
a round hole was dug thus [sketch] with a side
chamber. The body was
naked and tied up tight in his possum rug
this [sketch] All his things were buried with him such
a [sic] weapons, his belt, head band +c - his
quart pot. The body was placed in the
"[?drise?]" as if sitting down. Earth was filled in
- then logs - then earth. No fire was made
nor food left. The Yambo was thought to go
into the scrub. Any one going into the
scrub might be frightened at seeing it.
After Jim Crow was buried the others
camped down the river. In the night there
[in the - crossed out] was an alarm in the camp
and the men got their spears ready as
they thought the Yambo of Jim Crow was
coming after his wife. While burying Jim
Crow the people thought he moved - Old
his father said "What do you do
that for to frighten us?"

Messengers + Emblems
A messenger was called Mabūn
The message was called Yūnūmilli
The messenger was any one chosed [sic] by the
old man or old men. [For fights - crossed out] To assemble
for set fights he carried a Birkūmba = Bamarook

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